LabTrak, Easy and Affordable Laboratory Information System

Components & Features


Patient Reports

Standard Laboratory Patient Reports and Cumulative Reports (prints a patients last six visits) can be printed at any time or transmitted to an EMR System.

A Patient Tracking report allows the display of one test over a period of time including statistical analysis of results and graphs.

Ancillary Reports

A Daily Summary test report can be printed with “All” tests , “Pending” tests, “Normal” results, or “Abnormal” results.

A Billing Report is a summary of all work performed. This can be used as a verification report with the billing department. Can be sorted by PID, Name, Provider or Location.

Monthly Totals & Monthly Totals Report

Monthly test totals can be compiled easily. Options include separate totals for each provider.


All incomplete samples can be viewed on one screen.

Test “Work Lists” can be printed at any time by “Test”, “Profile” or by “Department”.

LabTrak Worklist Screen

Laboratory Log

Most activities are recorded in the Lab Log.

Anything that occurs can be easily looked up to determine when and what occurred. This report can be viewed on screen.

LabTrak Log Screen

Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis can be run on any test setup in LabTrak.

You can select options such as the number of samples, begin date, end date and selecting, if necessary, which results you may wish to remove before running your statistical data report.

LabTrak Statistics Screen

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