LabTrak, Easy and Affordable Laboratory Information System

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Complete Laboratory Information System

LabTrak is a Windows based program.

It can be installed on any Windows based computer running Windows 7 or above.

LabTrak Can be ordered with or without a computer system.

Designed for the POL, Pain Management & Specialty Lab

The LabTrak LIS user interface is simple and straightforward. The time required to train is very short.

Staff not familiar with laboratory procedures can easily access all the programs features.

Help is available for most screens by pressing F1.

CLIA & HIPAA Compliant

All necessary patient and Quality Control documentation is maintained within the program. Patient and Quality Control reports are available at any time to meet inspection needs. HIPAA regulations regarding privacy are easy to implement. Passwords and Access levels can be defined for each user.

Contact JRB Medical Associates, Inc. today to learn more about LabTrak. We would be more than happy to address any specific questions or concerns you have. You can order this software nationwide, from any city within the U.S.

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