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Instrument Interfaces & Analyzer Resulting

Interfaces are available for most major laboratory instruments including Chemistry, Hematology, Urinalysis and Immunoassay instruments.

Each interface comes with a Reagent Log and Maintenance / Service Log.

All instrument results are accepted automatically with LabTrak’s data processing module.

LabTrak Maintenance Log ScreenLabTrak Data Processing Screen

LabTrak Reagent Log Screen


LabTrak can print labels, plain or bar coded.

Labels can be printed for send out samples.

Manual Data Entry

Any Patient test results can be entered manually.

Has Manual Differential tally counter.

Quality Control data can be entered manually for off-line tests.

LabTrak Review Order Screen

Test & Profile Setup

Test setup is quick and easy. All tests are defined as either Numeric or Alpha-Numeric.

Test normal ranges as well as Critical Values are defined in the test setup menu.

Male and Female normal ranges can be defined as well as Age related normal ranges.

Profile tests are also defined in this section.

Delta checking is available.

LabTrak Test ScreenLabTrak Delta Checking Screen

LabTrak Setup Screen
LabTrak Profile Screen

Patient Demographics Data Entry

Entering new patient demographics is simple. Just enter a unique patient ID number then enter the patient’s name, gender, date of birth and provider. Once the demographics are entered, they are automatically saved in LabTrak’s database.

Labtrak Patient Demographics Screen

Ordering Patient Tests

Ordering tests is easy since all of the tests and profiles are ordered from a single screen. Once an order is saved, Labtrak brings you right to the barcode label printing option so that you can print a barcoded label to place on the patient’s specimen.

LabTrak Orders Screen

Patient Search

Patient records can be easily looked up by searching for SID, PID or last name. LabTrak also includes a “Soft Search” feature that allows you to enter a single letter to search for all patient’s names that begin with the letter you entered.

LabTrak Patient Search Screen

Security and Other Features

Routine comments can be defined in Setup as well as Normal Test Descriptions that will print out on the final patient reports.

Various levels of user security can also be defined for each user that logs into LabTrak. Each user will have their own password and access level to LabTrak.

LabTrak User Setup Screen

Offices located across the country can take advantage of our impressive laboratory information system. To learn more about its functions and benefits, simply contact us today. Feel free to let JRB Medical Associates, Inc. know about any questions or concerns you have.

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