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Quality Control

The LabTrak Quality Control module includes display of all data, or Data by month. Graphs of data can be displayed as manufacturer’s recommended values or as true statistical data. All QC results are automatically brought into the database the same way you run a patient sample except using the lot number for the SID number. Results are brought into LabTrak using the Data Module.

Chemistry Quality Control allows the user to keep values sorted by and specific to multiple instruments.

Also, QC data may be entered manually for offline tests.

LabTrak QC Data ScreenLabTrak QC Graph ScreenLabTrak Enter Edit QC Ranges

JRB Medical Associates, Inc. would be more than happy to answer any questions regarding the quality control aspect of our laboratory information system. Fill out the convenient contact form to initiate contact with our office. We have proudly served the needs of physician offices nationwide for over 25 years.

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