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LabTrak LIS
As of December 9th, 2013 LabTrak LIS a division of JRB Medical Associates, Inc. became its own entity.


The LIS Solution for Multiple Analyzers

LabTrak is the LIS solution developed specifically for the Physician Office Laboratory with multiple analyzers. Developed for Windows, LabTrak manages all Patient Data, Physicians, Instruments, Quality Control, and CLIA information for the Physician Office Laboratory. It is both CLIA and HIPAA compliant and ensures compliance with all pertinent regulations regarding Patient Data, Patient Reports, Quality Control and General Record Keeping.

LabTrak will work with up to four analyzers including most chemistry, hematology, immunoassay and urinalysis systems. It also capable of connecting to any EMR system. LabTrak is also available with a bar code label printer if your lab needs to print bar code labels.

LabTrak — Easy and Affordable

LabTak is easy to use and affordable for all Physician Office Labs. A connection to the internet is required for technical/software support and upgrades. Please inquire for your specific needs and pricing by calling 1-877-237-0905 or by e-mail at

To view the LabTrak brochure, click here.

If you would like to see an on-line demo, please contact us to schedule a date and time.

Sample Reports from LabTrak: (in PDF format)

LabTrak - the multiple analyzer solution for the Physician Office Laboratory

Download Sample LabTrak Report    Daily Summary Report, all
Download Sample LabTrak Report    Daily Summary Report, abnormal
Download Sample LabTrak Report    Chemistry QC
Download Sample LabTrak Report    Hematology QC
Download Sample LabTrak Report    Patient Composite Report
Download Sample LabTrak Report    Patient Regular Report
Download Sample LabTrak Report    QC Report
Download Sample LabTrak Report    Test Totals Report

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